Thursday, October 18, 2012

United States and Myanmar Democracy

Mud cannot stain a real ruby.

Beginning of 21st century is marked the domination of democratic government all over the world; America remains the sole leader of democracy, cessation of cold war ended socialist and communist influence all over the World, and dictators have fewer chances to remain in power.

When Rakhine Buddhists started burning, and killing of us, I requested my teacher who lives in Yangon to ask help from US embassy. He told me that he appealed several time to the political officer of US embassy.

I believe that USA is the sole Superpower which can solve our problem; I thought US would help us, I did hope US would try to save Rohingya people but US did not take any responsibility as a leader of World Democracy.

I don’t understand that US has not acknowledged Rohingya genocide yet. I am not a scholar, I hardly finished Bachelor Degree in Sittwe University, and I know the meaning of genocide. Genocide means any of the  following  acts  committed  with  intent  to  destroy,  in  whole  or  in  part,  a  national, ethnical, racial or religious group.

In Myanmar, Rohingya people have being persecuted for many decades, even their existence is denied by the government, Rohingya people have been deprived of even fundamental human right, thousands of Rohingya had already killed in the prisons, and during the persecution. The Rakhine Buddhists and government are continuously and consistently killing Rohingya in many different ways. 

There are thousands of Rohingya in the prisons of Rethedaung, Buthidaung, Mungdaw, Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, and Sittwe  who are tortured violently by the polices when they are being brought to the court every week, everyday at least 3 or 4 Rohingya die because of torture in every prison and police custody. Is it not a planed genocide?

Myanmar government alleged Rohingya as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The government has been trying to prove Rohingya as illegal immigrants using NaSaKa and various operations. The NaSaKa is a border  security  force  consisting  of  members  of  the  police,  Military  Intelligence,  the internal  security  or  riot  police  (known  as  Lon  Htein),  customs  officials,  and  the Immigration and Manpower Department. NaSaKa tried more than three decades but failed to prove a single family which entered from Bangladesh.

United States’ “War on Terror” became an excuse for Myanmar dictators to continue persecution of Rohingya. It is used as a strategy for ethnic cleansing of Rohingya. Thousands of unarmed innocent Rohingya were killed in the name of terrorists. How can the people in the open prison of Arakan become terrorists?  US government knows very well who are real the terrorists, why does US government keep silent to refuse that Rohingya can not be terrorists?

 Myanmar government has been systematically persecuting Rohingya people for many decades. US government is informed human right watch and other human activist groups but US government has not condemned Myanmar dictator yet, why?  “Crime  against  humanity”  means  any  of  the following  acts  when  committed  as  part  of  a  widespread  or  systematic  attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack. Does US government know it?

Rohingya people have long been discriminated against, and are denied citizenship under the 1982 Citizenship Law.    Rohingya asylum-seekers continue to flee to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and other European countries.    They are subject to serious abuses,  especially  forced  labor  (e.g.  construction  of  roads,  bridges,  model villages  and  military  facilities,  camp  maintenance,  pottering)  and  arbitrary taxation.

The  Burmese  military  regime  is  allowing  its  troops  systematically  and  on  a widespread  scale  to  commit  rape  with  impunity  in  order  to  terrorize  and subjugate  the Rohingya people.  The  report  illustrates  there  is  a strong case that war crimes and crimes against humanity, in the form of sexual violence, have occurred and continue in the whole Arakan State.

 Last three months, there are   thousands of arbitrary  arrest  (including  harassment  and  violence  by  police forces,  death  in  custody  and  sexual  violence).  In  addition,  people  are  often harassed  (house  searches,  confiscation  of  assets)  or  beaten  by  police  forces, mainly during controls or at checkpoints. Cases of rape of young women and children, perpetrated by different police forces, have been reported international  criminal  rules  punish  not  only  rape  but  also  any  serious  sexual  assault falling short of actual penetration. Still, US do not take any effective action to the Myanmar government, why? Why does mighty US government so silent in order to take any action?  If US think that what I am writing is wrong, US could send an independent international investigation group to Arkan State. 

Rakhine Buddhists and Thein Sein government plan to deport or kill all Rohingya people, why do world’s lawyers ignore this case. Is there any international law which implement regarding deportation? “Deportation  or  forcible  transfer  of  population”  means  forced  displacement  of the  persons  concerned  by  expulsion  or  other  coercive  acts  from  the  area  in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law.

Numerous Mosques  and  Madrasas  have  been  destroyed.  Others are simply closed off. It is strictly forbidden to build new ones since 1962– even renovating or repairing a  Mosque  is  forbidden .  The  government  also  confiscated Mosques  and  Madrasas  to  make administrative  building  of  them . 
Crimes  Against  Humanity:  namely,  murder,  extermination,  enslavement, deportation…or  persecutions  on  political,  racial  or  religious  grounds  in execution  of  or  in  connection  with  any  crime  within  the  jurisdiction  of  the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

Thein Sein government must immediately end the persecution of the Rohingya minority and the violation  of  their  most  basic  human  rights.  All  policies  and  practices amounting  to  enslavement,  restrictions  on  movement,  forced  labor, deportation, forcible transfer of population, land confiscation, rape and sexual violence,  marriage  restrictions,  arbitrary  detention,  murder,  torture  and  other ill-treatment, discrimination, and other violations without delay. US government can persuade Thein Sein government but US do not take any serious consideration, why? If American or European are in Rohingya’s place, don’t they change their policy? Don’t they think Rohingya as human?
According to World Democracy, Thein Sein government must repeal all laws identified as forming the basis of discriminatory policies against the Rohingya minority. In particular, the government must put an end to the statelessness of the Rohingya minority, and ensure its ability to live free and equal lives as full citizens of Burma. Why don’t US citizens feel sorry for Rohingya people?

 UN Special Reporter was given enough proofs regarding the persecution in Arakan State. The Security Council should establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate and collect further evidence on the perpetration of crimes against humanity in the Arakan State.  Why don’t US consider persecution of Rohingya as a crime against humanity? Don’t they want democracy in Myanmar?
Thousands  of the Rohingyas have lost their homes, and the Commission must ensure that the Thein Sein government  provides them with  homes  and  the  possibility  to  live  their  lives  free  from  fear  of  further persecution.  Why don’t US try to put pressure on Thein Sein government in order to save Rohingya people and Kachin people? Are those US enemies? They are supporters of Democracy but US do no positive approach to solve the problem, why? What kind of democracy does US government want in Myanmar? Does US want Myanmocracy of Thein Sein in Myanmar? Does US government want justice in Myanmar ? Can US government announce its policy and reason of being silence regarding the Rohingya case? Do US need more documents to open up the reality? 
US government knows well that Thein Sein’s so-called Investigation Commission is just to deceive the World. Keeping silent knowingly against criminals is also a crime. I would like to appeal US government to consider my complaints sincerely and recognize me as a human.
Saw Hla (Sittwe)

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