Monday, October 29, 2012

Rakhine Buddhists are terrorists

How do you feel when you see Buddhist monks marching through the streets to encourage for the terror?

Thousands of Myanmar monks demonstrated to support the government's brutal persecution of stateless Muslim Rohingya, why?

The Buddhist world is full of injustice. Buddhistmonks support prejudice and human cruelty, why?

Empathy and non-exploitation are the key words in Buddhism but Buddhist monks encourage Buddhist to kill non-Buddhists, to burn all non-Buddhist houses and loot all their properties, why?

Buddhism is a religion of peace but Buddhist monks and most of the Buddhists are  terrorists, why? Buddhism encourages justice for all people, but Buddhists practice injustice and terrorist act against humanity, why?

Buddhists are trying to implement Buddhism-for-national-religion and annihilate Christians and Muslims from Myanmar land, thousands of Buddhist have been living and working in other countries, look how selfish idea !

Buddhists’ mindset is racism not Buddhism in Myanmar, why?

Buddhists’ thoughts, words, and actions are based on terrorism, race-based nationalism, and extremism, why?

 Because 70 to 80 percent of monks in Myanmar are Rakhine, and their main target is to build an independent non-Muslim Arakan State, most of the Rakhine monks are not Myanmar nationals, they are from Bangladesh; there were more than 3 million Rakhine Buddhists in  East Pakistan(Bangladesh) before Myanmar’s independence but now, less than one million left, the rest entered  Rakhine State, the most easiest hiding place for a criminal in Myanmar is Buddhist monastery,  so Rakhine from Bangladesh entered Myanmar and became monks, they stay in the monastery till certain time and later gave up acting as a monk, most of them remained as monks and spread the whole Myanmar. In this way, most of the monks in Myanmar are Rakhine Buddhists, they don’t care their religion, their main target is to establish an independenceRakhine non-Muslim Rakhine State.

Rakhine Buddhists do not want to have human rights or true democracy in Myanmar. For the last fifty years, people of Myanmar have been waiting to have a taste of democracy, human rights, freedom, justice, or equality. Some people have not known any of these things during their entire lives. This means we were so thirsty for human rights that we sometimes demanded them like fools.

But Rakhine Buddhists and Rakhine monks do not want democracy in Myanmar, they do not want human right here, they want only an independence Rakhine state.

In this 21st century ,a time of globalization, the principles of human rights and democracy are terribly broken in Myanmar. Buddhist understandings of Dhamma, Metta, peace, and human rights are very rough because of Rakhine monks. Rakhine monks in the whole of Myanmar encourage people hatred, racism, intolerance.

The violence between Rakhines and Rohingyas in Arakan State is an example of how dictatorships all over the world use and rely on conflicts to stay in power. If all people were united, a military dictatorship could not survive. Division and enmity in the minds of the people only keep the military strong. Because of this, the military systematically uses divide and rule policy on the grounds of nationality, religion, economic and education status, etc.

Rakhine Buddhists do not want democracy in Myanmar, they call Rakhine their father land unlike other races of Myanmar, all Myanmar nationals say Myanmar is our mother land but Rakhine Buddhists call Rakhine State father land, they are proud of being Rakhita which mean cannibals of Ancient , most of them don’t know kindness, humanity or peace even they hold a Ph.D degree like Dr. Aye Chan who claimed that Rohingya are viruses. Rakhine educated criminals and uneducated criminal have a plan to destroy Bamar too, they use the word  Aukchi , lowest filth for Bamar, Kalar and Bangali for Muslims, according to them , all the Muslims in the world are Bangalikalar because they themselves came from Bangladesh.

Because of Rakhine Buddhists, people all over the world ask questions against Buddhism, Rakhine Buddhists are insulting Buddhism ,because of them people look downBuddhism and Buddhist people. We should check all monasteries of Myanmar and find out all Rakhine monks in order to save Buddhism and Buddhists’ dignity. 

All of the Rakhine Buddhist monasteries keep swords, rods, and other lethal weapons in order to make mischief in the society, we should check up all the Rakhine Buddhist monasteries and remove those for the sake of humanity.

Rakhine claim themselves that they are Arayan like German Aryan and only race in Myanmar who love their own race much more other race of the world. In this way, Rakhine Buddhists insult Buddhism and Buddhists world.

Rakhine Buddhists are real terrorists who had already killed more than 60,000 Rohingya using violence, more than another 50000 in prisons and police custody, make more than 2.5 million stateless, where has gone human right in the world? Where is US’s “War on Terror” ? Does US practice double standard policy ? If not ,why can’t US fight these terrorists?

Zaw Lwin Oo

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