Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Islam is under attack in Myanmar

Islam is attacked everywhere in Myanmar ; media, websites, journals, magazines, newspapers, and national T.V program have been attacking Islam since May 2012. Buddhists burnt Muslims’ houses, killed Muslims but all media wrote Muslims burnt their own houses which are against human psychology, even a mad person may never burn his own house.

Firstly they attacked Rohingya, they denied existences of Rohingya people, later they tortured them in such an inhumane way that no human being did before in the world history, there are thousands of official document regarding Rohingya but those are ignored. Hundreds of Rohingya women were raped by Rakhine Buddhists and military, I sent many of those victims’ statements to all the organizations of the World.

In 1942, more than 100000 Rohingya were killed by Rakhine with the help of Japanese forces. In 1972-78, more than 70,000 were killed and nearly 300000 Rohingya were expelled from the country. Now I don’t know their estimate but  I know they will and expel certain numbers they had already planned.

In Sittwe, Capital of Arakan State, Rohingya who are living in AungMingla, AungBala, and Amlapara , are in fear for their lives, RakhineBuddhistsand monks threaten every day to kill them and to burn their houses, several times, they have tried to burn. The same evening, groups of Rakhine Buddhists – who have also accused the Rohingya of attacks on their communities – gathered outside the barriers, prompting troops to fire warning shots and sparking panic inside. Buddhists are allowed to go out night time freely while Muslims are forced to stay inside.

Everyday Rakhine Buddhists and monks can demonstrate without permission against Rohingya, UN, INGOs, and all international groups who want to help Rohingya. According to Buddhists Rohingya people are not human being as their leaders Dr. Aye Chan and Dr. Aye Kyaw directed them. Dr. Aye Chan whose father migrated from Bangladesh in 1950s, claimed that Rohingyas are influx viruses.   
There was 3 millionsRakhine Buddhists in Bangladesh before independence of Burma, 1948. The total population of Bangladesh in 2004 is about 125 million with only 1 million Buddhists living in Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Comilla, Noakhali, Cox's Bazar and Barisal. During 1970-80s ,65% of Myanmar Immigration Staffs were Rakhine Buddhists, 80% 0f monks in Myanmar are Rakhine Buddhists.

Thousands of Rohingya people in Sittwe and other 12 townships face shortage of food, they can’t buy, they can’t go out to find food. If someone tries to bring food or to sell food to Rohingya, Rakhine mob stop him before he reach Rohingya, not only local but also any foreigner is stopped to help Rohingya. All concentration camps of the Worlds, there was food for the victims but in Arakan State, Rakhine and regime are trying to kill without food, how’s strange the inhumane attitude of Buddhists! Except Rakhine and Myanmar regime, no human in the World may have such attitude. 
But most people have not ventured outside in four months.“This bamboo fence is like a psychological barrier, symbolising the fear that separates the two worlds,” said Chris Lewa, head of the Arakan Project, which campaigns for Rohingya rights.

The stateless Rohingya have long been considered by the United Nations to be one of the most persecuted minorities on the planet.

Viewed as illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh by the Myanmar government and many Burmese – who call them “Bengalis” – they face tight restrictions on their movements and limited access to employment, education and public services.

Segregation, already imposed on many of the 140,000Rohingya living in western Myanmar, has become widespread since the unrest in June 2012.Muslims have been left particularly deprived, with thousands living in squalid camps on the edge of Sittwe, separated from the Buddhist population and with scant provisions. Thousands of people are waiting to get rooms in the refugee camps. The segregation recalls South African apartheid in the 1980s, “but worse” because the Rohingya are unable to leave their camps, Lewasaid.African were allowed to work, to go school, buy and sell but Rohingya are not allowed to do so. Some   scholars may think that Rohingya case may not be considered genocide but they are not calculating the numbers of Rohingya who were killed  by the regime and Rakhine authority or died during torturing . Nearly one million Rohingya died or killed from 1960 to 2012, more than one million Rohingya left country and lived illegally in other countries. 

“We are informed by the government that it is for the purposes of bringing the unrest under control, that this is a temporary separation, not a segregation,” said UN country chief Ashok Nigam. Segregation is not only in Sittwe , everywhere in the Arakan State, there is segregation. 

On 22nd October, 2012 , at 1:30pm, three Nasakas from Ye MyatTaungNasaka Camp, under Sector (5), Maungdaw north, raided a Rohingya house in Oo Chin Kya, Maungdaw north, in order to search illegal mobile, the strategy that Nasaka regularly use to accuse Rohingya community. When no mobile was found, one of the Nasakas kicked a Rohingya woman, who died on the spot immediately. The killed woman was identified as Noor Begum, daughter of U Fakir Ahmed, wife of U Siru, 29 years. When some neighbours looked around the corpse after hearing the noise of her remaining kids, Nasaka threatened them with guns in order not to let many villagers know the event. Finally, Nasaka happily left the said house and proceeded to their camp.

Our situation is worse than apartheids of America in 19th century. Here, in Myanmar ,everyday monks are demonstrating  to expel UN and all INGOs who try to help Muslims, warn all Buddhists not to sell and buy from Muslims, not to make any good relationship with them, not only demonstration but also through journals, magazine, newspapers, T.V, and most of media openly propagate that Muslims are terrorists, Muhammad married many wives , Muhammad taught Muslims to marry many wives and increase the number. In Myanmar, believe me most of young generation face many difficulties to get married especially financial problem; thousands of young people leave the country every day. 

InArakan, there are thousands of people who did not get any room in the camp; they are living in their relatives’ or friends’ houses. Everyday Rakhine threaten us killing and expelling from this land. Apartheid of America allowed African American using separate road, school, bus, and market but here only Rakhine can do everything and let Rohingya die in the open farm lands and blocked surrounding all sides, I think nowhere on the Blue Marble has such discrimination, our people become hopeless and lack of morality, because of heat, people’s physical features change, they will be African of East very soon. Rohingya in Myanmar are African of 17-18th century. 

In Min Pya, KyaukPyu, MruangBwe, Mrauk U, and Pauk Taw townships of Arakan State, Rakhine militants, mobs and monks have been torching Rohingya’s houses, shops, and killing unarmed Rohingyas, looting their properties since Friday, Rohingya leaders in Yangon appealed the Government to protect Rohingyas but the government took no action. 30 Rohingya were killed, 67 wounded severely but no medication, thousands of Rohingya became homeless, hundreds of Rohingya are missing, nobody from authority cares those victims. Government and Rakhine Buddhists’ main purpose is to establish a non-Muslim country.

Most of the journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, Facebook and T.V programs highlight Islam as a dangerous religion openly, Buddhist monks are distributing booklet against Islam everywhere. Firstly, they started these propagandas in Arakan State only. Later they expanded Mandalay Division, Kayin State, Mon State, Yangon Division, and Irrawaddy Division, recently they wrote Islam Viruses in PDF format and distributed it among every Buddhist. 

Since May 2012, Myanmar government and Rakhine State authority have been continuously publishing and distributing against Islam and Muslims. Every street of Myanmar, every school of Myanmar, every ward, quarter, and village of Myanmar there is at least one Buddhist worship house , no other religion’s worship house, no religion oppose that attitude of Buddhist, why do Buddhists are using all of their strength to destroy Islam and Muslims, they should do their jobs to spread Buddhism. When we were young Buddhism was a peaceful religion, they made it begging Religion as everywhere Buddhists are programed to beg. 

According to Buddhism, what we do we have to pay for it, injustice cannot stand longer, every action has reaction, whatever Buddhist monk and people are doing against Islam, they should pay for them very soon, it is a natural phenomenon, no one can avoid it. Why are the Buddhists insulting their own religion by attacking Islam?Having only one kind of flower in a garden and having several kind of flowers, which one is more pleasant? Why don’t Myanmar Buddhists try to accept essence and beauty of diversity, Why are the Buddhists monks who believe in Universal truth, ignoring the universal human right? 

No monk can give any excuse that whatever going on against Islam is only regime’s propaganda, all the Buddhist monks are responsible to encourage people to the right path, and otherwise no one trusts you in future. Buddhism developed in India against caste system, if you try to practice that caste system here, you are responsible making a black spot in history of Buddhism and you pay price for it.
No Muslim in Myanmar encourages developing mushroom like prostitutions, gambling, bars, and beer production which is very harmful for the Buddhists’ society. 

Not only in Myanmar but also in the world , Buddhists became more selfish, when 10 monasteries were destroyed the Buddhist monks in the world raised their voice until they got a just solution but hundreds of Mosques were destroyed , thousands of Rohingya houses were burnt down, thousands of Rohingyas were killed by Rakhine Buddhists, hundreds  of   Rohingya teenagers and women were raped , no Buddhist monk say any word against those injustice, Didn’t Siddhartha Gautama encourage you for justice? Does Buddhism teach you hatred, violence, and injustice against humanism?  Why are you insulting your own religion for the satisfaction of your emotional desire? Please come to your senses and try to establish justice!


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