Monday, October 22, 2012

Buddhist monks of Myanmar insult Buddhism and replaced it with Racism

 Myanmar has been under control of dictatorship since 1962, the regime has been using nationalism and religion to keep their power longer and stronger. Democratic movements and struggles for freedom have been started through different ways but the regime has been continuously persecuting and torturing the freedom fighters and human right activists.

In 1988, a nationwide revolution occurred and the regime cracked down the peaceful demonstrations and pretended as if they were doing good things, they spent 25 years to write a racist constitution of 2008.  I don’t mind the regime’s propaganda but how can these religious persons insult their religion in the name of religion?

Most of the monks in Myanmar are Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhists, there were more than 3 million Rakhine Buddhists in Bangladesh but the number decreased less than one million in Bangladesh and increased in Myanmar, most them became monks after migration from Bangladesh.

Since 1942, one of the historic and most horrendous mass killings has been being carried out against a Muslim Rohingya community, a community who has been living in the western part of Burma from the time of immemorial. The recent ethnic of cleansing of the mentioned community that was instigated in June 2012 is not stopped and over yet.

The United States has also expressed concern over ongoing fighting with ethnic minority groups and violence against ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's western Rakhine state, as well as the government's continued military ties with North Korea.

Activists say the United States has pressed Myanmar consistently on human rights but warn that a surge in economic and other ties could may push the issue down the priority list.

Burmese president TheinSein's speech to the people of Burma and the UNHCR chief  is the evidence of racism . Thein Sein listens to every word of Rakhine and obeys Rakhine leaders; he doesn’t want to care the World and reality. Why does the regime become Rakhine ‘s slaves ?
 Is it not a crime against Humanity on forceful displacement of people?

The army, police and the State govern fail to provide and deliver the humanitarian aids to the victim on time as well as knowingly disturbing Local and International NGO's from helping the victims in the Concentration Champs. Therefore, many children and elderly people have lost their lives due to malnutrition and diseases.

When Rakhine mob attacking and stopping NGO personal from helping the victims, Police, Army and State authorities fail to stop the mob by ignoring the incident.

There is no Law and Order fairly enforced in the region and the victims are living under plight of none or minimal survival conditions.

The small incident in Yamethin and other small area within Burma are starting examples.

Government will blame the outside Internet sources and the Monks, but they are responsible to stop the promoter Monks and the people who spread the hate to the violence now . What we see is army is busy with displacement of Rohingya rather than stopping the mob in the town from burning the victims homes more.

Where is the Justice in the World ? What is the future of Rohingya people ? If it is not the crime against Humanity then what can we name it ? What can we do to bring justice to the people that are voluntarily involve in the crime against humanity?

President TheinSein set up the commission in response to international criticism over the government’s handling of the clashes. Rights groups say the minority Rohingya group bore the brunt of action by Burmese security forces. No Rohingyas are part of the investigating team.

The majority of both the Rohingya and Buddhists are welcoming the UNHCR and NGOs efforts to bring relief to the displaced and to those whose homes were damaged during the violence.
For us, human rights and rule of law went together,” SuuKyi said. “Unless there is rule of law, there can be no guarantee of human rights… Rule of law is what rules our lives from day to day. If it is rule of unjust laws, then we are ruled unjustly from day to day.” The question is “ Who can implement such rule and order in Myanmar?”

In 1978, the Burmese military devised and implemented operation 'Nagamin' (Dragon King). Officially, this campaign aimed at 'scrutinising each individual living in the state, designating citizens and foreigners in accordance with the law and taking actions against foreigners who have filtered into the country illegally'. In practice, this meant mass killings of Rohingya civilians, rape, torture, religious persecution and more. Rohingya children were killed for no greater an offense than the mother failing to show proper identity cards. More than 200,000 Rohingyas fled the country into Bangladesh during that time.

In 1991, the government conducted another similar drive which resulted in another exodus of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh. This time, international pressure halted this genocidal purge early. Since then, oppression against the Rohingyas has been more subtle, designed to escape international attention, till the bloody riots flared up in Rakhine province this year. 

The immediate cause of the bloody riots of 2012 ,in Arakan State of Myanmar, was the rape and murder of ThidarHtwe, a Rakhine woman as she made her way home from a nearby village. The alleged perpetrators of this heinous crime were three Rohingya youths, though it is impossible to verify whether they were actually guilty. Tensions between the two communities have existed for generations. The rape and murder of ThidarHtwe was the spark that lit the tinderbox. Many analysts have suggested that this murder and rape was planned and executed by a vested quarter that wanted to inflame anti-Rohingya sentiments at a critical point of the country's history to deprive them, once and for all, of their place in this nation. Racist monks do not care hundreds of rape cases, why did they emphasize Thidar Htwe?  Was she God of those racist monks?

Every day, Buddhist monks burn Muslims houses in Arakan State, Buddhists loot , rob, kill and rape Muslim Rohingya of Arakan, there is Government in our country, how can they do inhumane attacks against humanity. Is it real Buddhism? Buddhism is a peaceful religion, the Buddhism encourage love and tolerance, I don’t understand that “why do Buddhist monks in Myanmar convert to Racism” Do Bamar people have blood or not, why are Bamar leaders worshiping  Rakhine people whose attitude against Bamar are clear in

Zaw Lwin Oo

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