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If the World really want Democracy in Myanmar
Gaining Democracy in Burma is the most expensive bargain in the World; from 1962 Burmese people have been giving their lives in hope that they could bring justice and democracy in Burma. In 1988, after the nation-wide demonstration, the dictators used the election to crack down democratic movement, when election was over, they used constitution as their main tool to stop democratic movement, after constitution, they conducted election according to their wish, when Daw Aung San Su Kyi won by-election, they were afraid to lose their power.  China on the one side invested in Arakan State for gas greedily, China does not want democracy in Myanmar. On the other side, Rohingya is very sensitive for Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhists, the West haven’t finished War on Terror, so this time they used Rohingya as their main tool; they tried a nation-wide religious conflict creating a fake rape case, soon they announced everywhere, gave alert everywhere that “ We are under attacked by Rohingya Islamic Terrorist”  
            In Arakan Sate , there were no two groups’ fighting going on; Rakhine Buddhists , military, polices , and well trained Bagali Rakhine Buddhist called Awakyunetha are showing their horrible attitude toward Islam and Muslims. Almost all the medias are presenting the issue as two groups’ conflicts, it is absolutely wrong. If government‘s media is right, then, they should allow the international media to discover the reality.
The massacre in Arakan State by  Extremist Terrorist Bengali Rakhine called Awakyunetha over the past two months has caused disillusion for some, division among many, and shock and anguish for everyone. Racial and religious tensions that have simmered just beneath the surface for years have exploded into an ugly cycle of destruction and revenge which threatens to derail Burma’s journey towards democracy and peace. Crude, racist abuse, deliberate misrepresentations, doctored images, misinformation and biased reporting of Awakyunetha Bengali  Buddhist Rakhine have added a cruel twist to an already bloody tragedy.

            The tragedy in Arakan State is that ordinary people from Rohingya communities have suffered. Homes and Mosques were burned, women were raped, innocent unarmed people including children and old men were killed – and for what purpose? It has been claimed that as many as 10,000 people died, more than 160,000 people are displaced as a result of the violence, although this figure is not verified .One of the first things the government of Burma should do is enforcing immigration laws to disperse illegal immigrants, Awakyunetha Rakhine Bangalis entering Burma. Since Rakhine State was promoted to Rakhine Buddhists ,they started torturing Rohingya; they are not allowed to attend the schools, their children were not registered in order to deprive national rights in future, they were restricted to move one place to another, their  national identity cards were teared up  using several operations by the Rakhine Immigrations .

I  would like to appeal to the governments around the world and international media to focus on Rohingya issue  internationally and to save Rohingya people for the sake of humanity.
Firstly, I  would like to appeal for human conscience on the grounds of humanity and human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is exactly  universal, for everyone. As Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said in her Nobel Peace Prize Lecture , human rights are “the birthright of all”. No human being should be degraded, restricted or abused in the way, the people of Burma have been by the military regime for so long and that includes Rohingya.

Secondly, I   would like to appeal on religious grounds. From my understanding, being human is much more valuable than believing in a religion; if there is no human ,who will follow the religion.  Awakyunetha Rakhine authority and Burmese dictators  have been killing Rohingya people in a such inhuman way that after one year, I  think ,there will be no Rohingya in Burmese ground.

Lastly, if simple humanity, basic human rights and core religious teachings cannot persuade people to exercise love, tolerance, respect and peace, to safeguard equal rights for all, then I would appeal on grounds of self-interest.

If what I have said so far has not upset some, what I am about to say will upset others, but I must say it anyway. The Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhist people are among the most Extremists and Radical people I have ever come across. There are  17 towns in the Arakan State;  in every town , there are Muslims villages and Quarters except Taunguk . Rakhine Buddhist called that place as Muslim-free place. Not only in Arakan state but also in Yangon too, there are Muslim-free Quarters such as Kyaukmaung, if you are Muslim , you can’t buy a flat even you give more than actual price. We know the situations of only five towns, the rest we don’t know because of bad communication. The dead list does not include those towns. The Rohingya people are among the most hospitable, kind, gentle, decent, tolerant, peace-loving human beings but most of them are uneducated because of persecution. 

 Since Awakyuntha Rakhine ‘terrorist’ are massacring Rohingyas without any foundation or substance but fuelled by racist extremists and greediness, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the Rohingya are persecuted by the regime, marginalized by the Burmese media, discriminated against and attacked by Buddhist society and ignored by the international media, Rohingya’s death toll will be like Rwanda.  As Aung San Suu Kyi said in Oslo, “War is not the only arena where peace is done to death. Wherever suffering is ignored, there will be the seeds of conflict, for suffering degrades and embitters and enrages.”
Now I would like to show you some of Rakhine Bangali Awakyunetha’s attitude toward Islam and Muslims. Could you please let me show you some pictures which are uncivilized but to solve the problem, you should keep in mind their attitude.
11. means Muslims fuck their own mothers.

22.      One fourth of World population believe Kaba as Holy but Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhist make it……

3.Muslims are not allowed to eat pork but their desire ……….
In Burmese , they wrote in this picture that these pigs are for Muslim.

4.      We have been fucking Muslims Girls, only 5000.

5.      They insult Muslims in such an inhuman way that no human race in the World human history insults another human race.

Pig Muslim, Penis Muslim, Mother Fucker Muslim, Dog Muslim, Muslims must be driven out of this country.

       6.       Not only in the online WebPages, they have been insulting Muslims and Islam  but also in daily newspapers, journals, magazines, and books too, you could find such usage. 
       7.      The policies which the regime uses against Muslims and Islam are to make the Buddhist happy and get their support only.
         8.  I have read a lot of Buddhist religious books; I haven’t seen any kind of hatred in their books except Awakyunetha Rakhine Buddhists’. Not only in Myanmar but also in aboard, Awakyunetha like Dr. Aye Chan have been writing against Islam and Muslims.
 Dr. Aye Chan called Rohingya people “Influx Viruses” in his book. 

        9.      Government have been clearing Muslim history and Muslim historical Mosques.

 The Arakanese Kings with Muslim names and titles
According to former Chairman of Historical Commission, Burma, Lt. Col. Ba Shin’s “Coming of Islam to Burma 1700 AD”, Min Sawmon as Solaiman Shah, the founder of Mrauk-U dynasty and his successor were greatly influenced by Islamic culture. The practice of adopting a Muslim name or title by the Arakanese kings continued for more than two hundred years (1430 – 1638). This titles which appeared in Arabic script / Persian Kufic on their coins is given below:

No.          Names of the Kings Muslim Names           Reigning Period

 1.           Narameikhla (a) Sawmon Solaiman Shah    1430-1434 AD
 2.           Meng Khari (a) Naranu Ali Khan                1434-1459
 3.           Ba Saw Pru Kalima Shah                          1459-1482
 4.           Dawlya Mathu Shah                                1482-1492
 5.           Ba Saw Nyo Mohammed Shah                  1492-1493
 6.           Ran Aung Noori Shah                             1493-1494
 7.           Salimgathu Sheikh Abdullah Shah              1494-1501
 8.           Meng Raza Ilias Shah - I                         1501-1513
 9.           Kasabadi Ilias Shah -II                            1513-1515
 10.         Meng Saw Oo Jalal Shah                          1515
 11.         Thatsa Ali Shah                                      1515-1521
 12.         Min Khaung Raza El-Shah Azad                 1521-1531
 13.         Min Bin (a) Min Pa Gri Zabuk Shah            1531-1553
 14.         Min Dikha Daud Khan                             1553-1555
 15.         Min Phalaung Sikendar Shah                    1571-1591
 16.         Min Razagri Salim Shah - I                      1593-1612
 17.         Min Khamaung Hussain Shah                   1612-1622
 18.         Thiri Thudama Salim Shah - II                 1622-1637

Ref:( Lt. Col. Ba Shin, Coming of Islam to Burma 1700 AD, op. cit., P.5; Dr. Qanungo, A History of Chittagong, Vo. 1, op. cit., P. 233, 239, 250 & 271; Moshe Yegar, The Muslims of Burma, 1972, op. cit., P.19; Siddiq Khan, op. cit., PP. 248-249; Harvey, op. cit., P140; D.G.E Hall, op. cit., P.330; ABM Habibullah, Arakan in Pre-Mughal History of Bengal, JASB, 1945, PP. 34-35)

Stone structure Sandhi Khan Mosque, situated in Mintayabyin @ Kwan Lon, Mrauk-U, built in 1433 AD.

Stone stucture Majah Pali (a) Musa Pali Mosque, built in1513-1515

(Stone stucture Majah Pali (a) Musa Pali Mosque, construcred by an Indian missionary Musa in the time of 9th king of Mrauk_U 1513-1515 A.D. It stands Maungthagon Village, Mrauk-U. It was demolished by military in about 1983.)

An ancient Kadi Mosque in Paike-thae village, Kyauktaw, found in 14th Century AD
This is a picture of Akyab’s ancient Mosque, Badar Makam. It was built 1727 A.D ,hundred years before the building of city. Akyab was built as city and district in 1826 A.D when British conquered Arakan.

Buddhist Rakhine changed Mehrab and Member of Mosque as a worship house. They put idols there.

If the world really wants democracy in Myanmar, the world should give pressure on China .Whoever died in Arakan State, Chinese Government, Myanmar Government, and Awakyunetha Rakhine like Dr. Aye Maung are responsible for those dead. Because of their selfish desires, innocent people are dying, suffering, and starving. They played this game to suffocate Daw Aung San Su Kyi’s neck. 

The Whole Muslims World should pressure on China, if they really want to save Islam’s dignity and Rohingya’s lives. Muslims World has two options; be tolerated and let Rohingya people die, and pressure on China as soon as possible.
It is the time for International Community to interfere in Myanmar democratic movement and support democratic groups spiritually as well as politically. Otherwise, Myanmar will be the worse dictatorship in the world in the name of democracy.
    Zaw Lwin Oo
    Muslim Youth Organization,


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